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Aloysia triphylla
Lemon verbena is one of our favorite tea plants. Fast growing in warm weather, aromatic leaves have a strong lemon flavor. We steep it fresh or dry... more->
Artemisia dracunculus var. sativa
There is no substitute for fresh tarragon - drizzled with butter on fresh bread, sprinkled on mild flavored fish or chicken, or adding body and aroma... more->
Chamaemelum nobile
We relish the soft, living, green carpets made of this fragrant and healing herb. This perennial chamomile stitches together into a mat a few inches... more->
Glycyrrhiza glabra
Licorice has an edible and medicinal root that is most commonly used as a tea. The perennial plant prefers sun and well drained soil. The plant can... more->
Oxalis tuberosa
This traditional Andean perennial vegetable produces red and white tubers the size of cherries. We harvest the tubers in fall after the first frosts... more->
Cymbopogon citratus
We really enjoy making lemony tea and flavorful Thai recipes with this aromatic herb. Fresh lemon grass is far superior to the faded bundles you find... more->
Nicotania alata
Growing up to 5 feet tall, this sticky-leaved flowering tobacco produces drooping white flowers that are one of the most sweet and fragrant blossoms... more->
Withania somnifera
Highly valued in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwaganda is a warming and calming nutritive tonic. A decoction of the root in milk is a traditional recipe for... more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Pica de Pulga'
This variety of ulluco is one of the most common and productive in our climate. The pink and yellow tubers might have a bit of green, which makes... more->
Aloe sinkatana
Native to Sinkat, Sudan, this aloe is similar to Aloe vera in its form and medicinal properties. The Hadendowa people use it to treat stomach and... more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Bocadito de Oro'
The name of this variety translates to little bites of gold, which is quite fitting for such creamy yellow-green tubers that make a really nice... more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Chugua Roja'
In addition to the strikingly deep purple tubers, this variety produces beautiful pink-purple stems with lots of vigorous growth. more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Purple'
With violet colored tubers, peach colored stems, and really fast leaf growth, this variety is not only eye-catching but also produces loads of fresh... more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Rosas en el Pasto'
The little red polka dots on the yellow-green tubers of this variety certainly do look like roses in the pasture! more->
Ullucus tuberosus 'Spotted White'
These speckled green and red tubers are a bit smaller than the others, but their cuteness makes up for it. more->
Bryophyllum daigremontianum
Mother of millions not only inspires wonder and fascination because its little plantlets are so easy to break off and grow into entirely new plants,... more->